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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Alembic by Leila Jones

Light, let fall from the improvident sun,
Is given back in color, born of light,
In the gold of hawkweed and dandelion,
In purple aconite.

Earth cannot rest, she turns from sun to shadow
Weaving her magical stains until the debt
Is paid full measure; summer greens the meadow,
The sea drifts to violet.

And the song that is you, the wild heart singing
Charged with laughter or grief, is but a spark
Transmuted from light falling, to light winging,
Turned home through the dark.

From: Jones, Leila, “Alembic” in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, Vol. L, No. I, April 1937, p. 20.

Date: 1937

By: Leila Jones (fl. 1937-1939)