A Negro Mother to Her Child by Victor Jeremy Jerome (Isaac Jerome Romaine)

Quit yo’ wailing’ honey bo’
‘Taint no use to cry
Rubber nipple, mammy’s breast
Both am gone bone dry.

Daddy is a Bolshevik
Locked up in de pen
Didn’ rob nor didn’ steal
Led de workin’ men.

What’s de use mah tellin’ you
Silly li’l lamb
Gon’ter git it straight some day
When you is a man.

Wisht ah had a sea o’ milk
Mek you strong an’ soun’
Daddy’s waitin’ till you come
Brek dat prison down.

From: Nelson, Cary (ed.), Anthology of Modern American Poetry, 2000, Oxford University Press: New York & Oxford, p. 372.

Date: 1930

By: Victor Jeremy Jerome (Isaac Jerome Romaine) (1869-1965)

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