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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Brisbane by Alice Gore-Jones

A red cathedral’s tiles, a tapering spire
Piercing her gaunt zinc roofs, the city lies.
Dim blue hills rise about her circle-wise,
And flame trees deck her steep white streets with fire.
While tremulous as some Æolian choir
Beside her river-way the bamboo sighs;
And to a burning sweep of turquoise skies

Ascends that slow sad song of lost desire.
Stranger than all her sisters of the South,
With languid warmth she lifts her sun-browned arms
In eager longing towards the distant sea;
This Northern witch with young and glowing mouth,
And half-alluring, half-elusive charms,
That bear the tropic’s seal of mystery.

From: Gore-Jones, A., Troop Trains and Other Verses, 1917, G. Hassell & Son: Adelaide, p. 23.

Date: 1917

From: Alice Gore-Jones (1887-1961)