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Friday, 9 July 2021

[The Eye’s Greatest Delight] by Abu al-Fadl Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf

We stayed in Baghdad against our will,
when we had become acquainted with her, we left involuntarily.

Loving lands is not our habit;
the bitterest in life is to leave people you love.

I left her though she was the eye’s greatest delight;
I left my heart there hostage.

From: Snir, Reuven, Baghdad: The City in Verse, 2013, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts, p. 65.

Date: c800 (original in Persian); 2013 (translation in English)

By: Abu al-Fadl Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf (750-809)

Translated by: Reuven Snir (1953- )