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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Algorithm of Eternal Life by Ute von Funcke

At the sea the fishermen

tired, rocking
in rotting boats

they’ve been waiting, waiting
long days and nights

knotting and loosening knots
in their stinking nets

dreaming of
the return of death

waiting in vain

he will not anchor in
the bight of those living forever

the rudder raised to strike
his eyes flaming wheels

Charon in his empty ferry

the fishermen throw him
their last copper coins.

From: von Funcke, Ute, ‘Algorithm of Eternal Life’ in Field: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Number 100, Spring 2019, p. 21.

Date: 2019 (original in German); 2019 (translation in English)

By: Ute von Funcke (19??- )

Translated by: Stuart Friebert (1931-2020)