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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Solstice by Col M.

I trace my trail on Winter’s frosted glass,
The long beach dull save where the shallows shine;
The wind finds voices in the withered grass,
And where the waves die winter’s eyes meet mine.
Bleak and inhuman, glittering from a mask.
And all this world lies crushed in winter’s hand,
The shells like fallen stars in seaweed’s dusk,
The sodden driftwood sinking in the sand,
The grey horizon melting in the night.
The fingers of the waves slip from my own,
Sand stings, and storm-clouds roll and spill their light;
Their thunder drums me home. And now, alone,
Winter resumes its mask to hide its hate,
While ghosts of summer flicker in my grate.


From: Col M., ‘Solstice’ in The Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 3624 (27 July 1949), p. 10.

Date: 1949

By: Col M. (fl. 1949)