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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Sonnet by Elizabeth Deborah Slade Brockman

Cool wind coming from the southern sea,
Filling white sails that homeward turn again,
And flit away like pale clouds o’er the main,
We hail you as you pass so fresh and free.

Warming or chilling ever as you flee,
Speed on soft breeze above the liquid plain,
Blow sweetest, freshest, blithest, when you gain
Fair England’s generous soil of Liberty.

Bear greeting from her children far away,
Who bless her in the new homes where they stay,
Turning with true hearts to the land they love.

Come with the song of birds, the breath of flowers,
Dance with the shadows under hazel bowers,
And fill with whispered music every grove.

From: Kinsella, John and Ryan, Tracy (eds.), The Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australia Poetry, 2017, Fremantle Press: Fremantle, p. 44.

Date: c1860

By: Elizabeth Deborah Slade Brockman (1837-1915)