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Thursday, 20 May 2021

Fairer Hands by Leigh Fisher

If I sit in the chair, it’s like there’s no one really there
If I make a small request, regardless of how simple it is,
Red tape binds my limbs together, tying my wrists
Encircling every fair finger, binding them to each other
Until they’re rendered useless

But of course, if he asks the same question
The path of golden bricks is laid out before him
Decorating the road, making it shine to the point of blinding
Because that path is clear of debris, ready before he can even take a step
Because the answer to his question is a simple yes

If I want to move, climb up the next rung of the ladder
I have to try to grab ahold of weak, rotten wood
So worn and aged it barely clings to the ladder’s sides
It feels too weak to pull me up, yet
What choice do I have but to try seizing it?
For the rung above it is too high and out of reach

The wood cracks beneath my fingertips as soon as I
Try to haul myself upward
It splinters and I feel the tiny pieces of wood scratch my skin as it falls
I wince at the sting and cling to the side of the ladder
But I can’t stay still, even for a moment

For right beside me, there’s another ladder
Built of strong wood, steadily planted on the ground
It doesn’t shake or tremble
The rungs are close together and are easily scaled
He can race to the top with such ease

If I don’t inch my way up the side
Trying to scale a ladder that was never made to be climbed
I’ll be left too far behind to ever reach the same height
Splinters cut into my fingers
The dark wood becomes stained with flecks of red

All of these harsh trials are simply
The way of the world for someone born with fairer hands.

From: “Fairer Hands”and 2 more poems. Poetry by Leigh Fisher. (

Date: 2017

By: Leigh Fisher (19??- )