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Sunday, 16 May 2021

Renunciation by Joseph Freeman

Though you are lovely as the light of day
And perfumed as a courtesan of kings,
You are not worth a fragment of the things
That for your beauty I have given away.
What shall I find in you to take the place
Of books and friends and quiet wondering,
And battle and sweat and the world’s thundering?—
Only the fading glory of your face.
I have lost the bread of life for one brief rose,
And living waters for a drop of wine:
Far-off I hear the gates of darkness close
On promised lands that never shall be mine.
Thus morning after morning I cry in pain,
And night after night I come to you again.

From: Freeman, Joseph, “Renunciation” in Poetry, Vol. XXI, No. VI, Issue 70443, March 1923, p. 308.

Date: 1923

By: Joseph Freeman (1897-1965)