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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Poem Wondering If I’m Pregnant by Kathleen Fraser

Is it you? Are you there,
thief I can’t see,
drinking energy
leaving me gasping
for oxygen.
New mystery floating up my left arm,
clinging to the curtain.
Eyes on stalks, full of pollen,
stem juice, petals making ready to unfold,
to be set in a white window,
or an empty courtyard.
Fingers fresh. And cranium,
a clean architecture

doors that swing open …
is it you small face?
Is it you?

From: Fraser, Kathleen, “Poem Wondering If I’m Pregnant” in Poetry, Volume 108, Issue 5, August 1966, p.321.

Date: 1966

By: Kathleen Fraser (1935-2019)