Life by Edward Cracroft Lefroy

White sails that on the horizon flash and flee,
A moment glinting where the sun has shone;
White billows for a moment riding free.
Then gulfed in other waves that follow on;
White birds that hurry past so rapidly.
Albeit no sight more bright to look upon;
Like you our little life; we are as ye —
A moment sighted, in a moment gone.
Yet not in vain, oh, not in vain, we live.
If we too catch the sunlight in the air.
And signal back the beauty ere we sink
In that dark hollow men call death, and give
To saddened souls that watch us on the brink
A gleam of glory, transient but fair.

From: Lefroy, Edward Cracroft and Gill, Wilfred Austin, Edward Cracroft Lefroy, his Life and Poems including a Reprint of Echoes from Theocritus, 1897, John Lane, The Bodley Head: London and New York, p. 133.

Date: 1883

By: Edward Cracroft Lefroy (1855-1891)

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