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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Natura Maligna by Theodore Watts-Dunton (Walter Theodore Watts)

The Lady of the Hills with crimes untold
Followed my feet, with azure eyes of prey;
By glacier-brink she stood, — by cataract-spray, —
When mists were dire, or avalanche-echoes rolled.
At night she glimmered in the death-wind cold,
And if a foot-print shone at break of day,
My flesh would quail but straight my soul would say :
“’Tis hers whose hand God’s mightier hand doth hold.”

I trod her snow-bridge, for the moon was bright,
Her icicle-arch across the sheer crevasse,
When lo, she stood! . . . God made her let me pass
Then felled the bridge! . . . Oh, in the sallow light
Adown the chasm, I saw her cruel, white,
And all my wondrous days as in a glass.

Bern 1836

From: Lving English Poets MDCCCXCIII, 1893, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co: London, p. 136.

Date: 1836

By: Theodore Watts-Dunton (Walter Theodore Watts) (1832-1914)