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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Lines 196 to 211 from “The Vision” by Marie Burghope

Aeneas was secure from Deaths allarmes
By Gods, & by impenetrable Armes.
But Turnus* had not One to save his Life,
But a Week Goddesse, & Joves envious Wife.
And thesei, in vaines, too late did interpose.
The very Fates were listed with his Foes.
Lavinia was engraven in His Heart.
Love & unwearied Courage took his part.
Aided by these, He fires the Trojan Fleet,
Which chang’d to Naides their Master meet.
His Prowess next you see young Pallas felt,
Whilst He with joy seiz’d on the fatall Belt.
When there I saw Him fall before his Foe,
Methought t’was pitty that it sho’d be so.
That He had done what evern Man Cou’d doe
And he was the greater Hero of the Two.

*Turnus was killed in a duel by Aeneas after killing Pallas on the battlefield and taking Pallas’ belt as a spoil of war. His story is told in Virgil’s Aeneid.

From: Millman, Jill Seal and Wright, Gillian (eds.), Early Modern Women’s Manuscript Poetry, 2005, Manchest University Press: Manchest and New York, p. 201.

Date: 1699

By: Marie Burghope (fl. 1699)