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Monday, 12 April 2021

Is It Safe for Girls to Have Favorite Bears by Sawako Nakayasu

Where is the true turning point of that question.

Some bears are more popular than others.

Some children are routinely thrown outside: it’s a disciplinary measure.

In the thickest part of it, Girl G slays the bears of her past. Her lover, having no idea that her moans originate from such torment, carries on with confidence and excitement.

The moose I call Bear will not sit on my lap: I should know better.

Girl D hosts a poetry reading up where the koalas are, 20m above ground. Each audience member must climb to the top of their own eucalyptus tree, in order to get within hearing range of the koala poetry. There is no admission for first-time visitors.

Girl B is the only one small enough to ride on the back of the salamander bear. The sunset they ride off into is painted in broad strokes of acrylic and looks best from a distance. When I look too closely, I am blinded with spots that flicker and whistle in painful shards across my vision.

Girl J comes too close to mistaking herself for a bear, until she gets eaten by one and indeed becomes part bear.


Date: 2017

By: Sawako Nakayasu (1975- )