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Friday, 9 April 2021

To a Butterfly by Emily Howson Taylor

Go, go in thy beauty,
Bright child of a day!
Go, catch the Sun’s splendour —
His beans oass away,
I sigh as I watch thee;
For never again
My eye shall behold thee
Thus skim o’er the plain.

And where lives the heartless,
Who gazing his last
On the bright light of beauty,
Can smile at the sadness
That springs to the eye,
As the fairest of creatures
Thus breathes but to die?

Go, go, thou gay being!
The pride and the joy
Of thy transient existence
No reasonings destroy.
To see thee, and ponder
The brief written line
Of thy. life and extinction—-
That sorrow is mine.

From: Taylor, Emily, The Vision of Las Casas, and Other Poems, 1825, Taylor and Hessey: London, pp. 85-86.

Date: 1825

By: Emily Howson Taylor (1795-1872)