Miniature 2 by Maria Borio

You’re asleep and breathe
nearby something of me that dissolves the air.
Heel to brow
at your side unmoving
in the idea that above us
something – it can be called
Something – in the dark levitates us.
In the dream you walk head down.
In the sound of jaws – an animal
sleeps between us – Someone continues…
We’re in a lake,
holograms, clepsydra up high,
project stretched on blank pigment
composes in slow motion
like monitored species in a glasshouse.
And a silence… from us
some far distant man
tests the lens, not the dark.


Date: 2019 (original in Italian); 2020 (translation in English)

By: Maria Borio (1985- )

Translated by: Julia Anastasia Pelosi-Thorpe (19??- )


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