Note by Gráinne Tobin

for Lila Stuart

Everything with me is on the back boiler,
and the arse is out of every saucepan in the house.

A magic stockpot full of onion, carrot peelings,
herb stalks and the dodgy bits of leeks,
the skin and bone of passing days, topped up
as and when, detritus not to be discarded –
gathering strength on the back of the hob,
while ordinary hours shout for attention
and the elixir concentrates to danger point.

If you don’t do something soon, you’ll find
the kitchen filled with fumes that sting your eyes,
stop up your mouth and catch at the back of your throat,
the delicious makings boiled to toxic varnish,
your heaviest pan a crucible of loss.

From: Anderson, Linda and Sherratt-Bado, Dawn Miranda (eds.), Female Lines: New Writing by Women from Northern Ireland, 2017, New Island Books: Dublin, p. 178.

Date: 2017

By: Gráinne Tobin (1951- )

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