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Saturday, 13 March 2021

War’s Cataract, 1915 by Herbert Dixon Asquith

In this red havoc of the patient earth,
Though higher yet the tide of battle rise,
Now has the hero cast away disguise,
And out of ruin splendour comes to birth.
This is the field where Death and Honour meet,
And all the lesser company are low:
Pale Loveliness has left her mirror now
And walks the Court of Pain with silent feet.

From cliff to cliff War’s cataract goes down,
Hurling its booming waters to the shock;
And tossing high their manes of gleaming spray
The crested chargers leap from rock to rock,
While over all, dark though the thunder frown,
The rainbows climb above to meet the day.

From: Asquith, Herbert, The Volunteer and Other Poems, 1916, Sidgwick & Jackson: London, p. 13.

Date: 1915

By: Herbert Dixon Asquith (1881-1947)