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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

The Pattern of Life by Hannah Entwistle

The patchwork quilt looked very gay.
A kaleidoscope of colour in every way.

Like life, showing the pattern of the days.
Bright and sunny ones, interlaced with hose of grey.

Life isn’t made up of all happy times.
It fluctuates without reason or rhyme.

Characters are built from life’s intricate patterns.
Some strong, some broken, but some are just flattened.

Ready to spring up as they pattern is changed.
But like the quilt, each piece is pre-arranged.

All slotted into a place, ever so gay.
Taking in the bright and the dull, on its way.

Patches of colour delicately matched.
Shades arranged so no two will clash.

Sprinkled all over with a glittering shower.
Showing the presence of a divine power.

Fashioned and styled by loving hands.
Woven by destiny in life’s golden strands.

From: Entwistle, H, A Collection of Poems, ?2000 (unpublished).

Date: 19??

By: Hannah Entwistle (1916-2009)