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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

As Death Does by Susan Musgrave

All these white flowers
darkened my sleep,
after you were gone and
after you.

All these grey insects
entered my dreams,
ticked back to me
and remembered.

Rub this
strange heat
out of my body, rub me
everywhere away.
Tangle me with
waterbugs, with
earthmould and

I share you with beetles,
I share you in my bones.
Bite into me and
open your mind to blood.

Turn to me now as
death does and
turn in me again. Squeeze your
strange heat
into my body, press me everywhere
under your skin.

I share you in darkness,
I share you with the sun.
Go on forgetting as
death does, as
death does even among bones.


Date: 1972

By: Susan Musgrave (1951- )