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Saturday, 6 February 2021

A Rant against the God of Love by Thomas Duffett

Thou damn’d perpetual peevish folly,
Curse of a quiet life,
Father and Child of lazy Melancholy,
Author of publick care and secret strife,
Expensive ruine, everlasting cheat,
Belov’d consumption of the great,
Plague of the poor:
Son of a salted frothy Whore;
Whose Emblematick birth,
Foretold her mischiefs to the misbelieving Earth.

So rotten and so base
The Embryo was,
The Gods in Heav’n and Earth could find no place
Impure enough for such vile Midwifry,
But drenched it in the Worlds sink, the Sea;
There by the rapid motion,
And the briny pickle of the Ocean,
Which like a sickly Stomach, strove
To disembogue the Potion
On the resisting Rocks, who drove
The Poyson back again
Into the troubl’d main:
Preserv’d from dissolution,
It became
The Queen of Beauty, Lust and Shame.

Thy lawless Sire,
Compos’d of Rapine, Blood and Fire.
God of destructive Rage, and War;
Lean Poverty and Desolation, are
The Blessings which do fall from his vainglorious Car.
With horrid slaughter all imbru’d,
With Curses and with hate pursu’d,
He Venus woo’d:
The Union of this matchless pair,
Of Rash and Brave, Lustful and Fair,
Produc’d this most accomplish’d Heir;
An Off-spring for such Parents fit,
Eternal Moth of Treasure, Peace and Wit.

From: Duffett, Thomas, New poems, songs, prologues, and epilogues never before printed / written by Thomas Duffett; and set by the most eminent musicians about the town, 1676, Printed for Nicholas Woolfe: London, pp. 20-22.

Date: 1676

By: Thomas Duffett (fl. 1673-1676)