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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Mystery by Atherton Bernard Furlong

I’m looking down where an arm of the sea
Is encircling the land,
And I hear its sweet monotony
As it moves o’er the sand,
And its deep mournful voice comes up to me,
Even up where I stand.
I can see it pour its waves on the shore
And hear its sad moan, its deep monotone,
Saying Mystery, mystery, mystery,
Lives in the sea, dwells here with me,
Comes and goes, ebbs and flows,
Mystery, mystery, mystery.

I’m looking up where a rift in the clouds
Is revealing the sky, Where the mad wind is unfolding the shrouds
That under it lie, And see them drift back like frightened crowds,
With a mutter and cry.
Then the lightnings flash and the thunders crash,
And the storm comes down upon sea and town.
All is mystery, mystery, mystery;
In sea and air and everywhere,
Mystery, mystery, mystery.

From: Furlong, Atherton, Echoes of Memory, Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press: London and Simpkin, Marshall & Co; Hamilton, Adams & Co: New York, p. 51.

Date: 1884

By: Atherton Bernard Furlong (1849-1919)