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Sunday, 31 January 2021

My Mother in the Night by Jane Medved

Is burning everything
near her, everything
must come near her
gravity, dust
from six dimensions
she has disconnected
from earth, and is not responsible
for me.

She is shrinking
but too hard to lift.
The bed works like a daughter,
flat, upright, flat.
She is tied tight. She might slip
off the edge of the ship.

There is only one sun,
but many currents, electricity
and the dark, which is solid
as its own planet,
diluted by rivers of sound.

She has a plastic tube,
oxygen, food, umbilical,
all the supplies she needs
for the voyage, but she cannot
move, and I cannot move,
and we are all waiting.


Date: 2020

By: Jane Medved (19??- )