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Saturday, 2 January 2021

The Happy Valley by Francis Turner Palgrave

In the heart of the long bare uplands
It lies like a river of green;
And the trees each slope descending
Leave a flowery sward between: —

A flowery path for the children,
With the oak and the thorn on high;
Coverts to tempt the boldest,
And shelter-spots for the shy.

Come, Love, to the happy valley
Where the turf slopes smooth and dry
At our feet the laughing children;
Above, the laughing sky.

Life has no hour more golden
Than thus on the grassy slope :
While we blend the age of reason
With the brighter age of hope.

For Childhood is of the valley,
Haven’d from tempest and heat ;
With flowers beyond its grasping,
And flowers beneath its feet ;

Mid-age has the long bare uplands,
Bare to the heat and the rain: —
Come, Love, to the happy valley,
Children with children again.

From: Palgrave, Francis T, Amenophis and Other Poems Sacred and Secular, 1892, Macmillan and Co: London and New York, pp. 178-179.

Date: 1892

By: Francis Turner Palgrave (1824-1897)