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Sunday, 27 December 2020

I Need You by Adnan al-Seyegh

Like the earth, parched, prays for rain to pour from the clouds
Like the clouds, streaming with radiance, need the vastness of the sky
Like the sky, heavy with stars, needs to be lifted up by the Lord God
Like the Lord God, in order to forgive us, needs our faults
Like my faults only exist because I’m a dreamer, a bewildered and unaware poet
Like poetry and wine are from you, in you, about you and for you —
(beautiful, flowering, with kohl-darkened eyes)

I need you

To explain life’s meaning and my reason for being
Your beauty confirms and is endless, I have reached you …
(and I cannot reach…)

2013, London


Date: 2013 (original in Arabic); 2017 (translation in English)

By: Adnan al-Seyegh (1955- )

Translated by: Jenny Lewis (1944- ), Alaa Juma (19??- ) and Ruba Abughaida (19??- )