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Saturday, 12 December 2020

An Ode to Wisdom by Esther Vanhomrigh

O PALLAS! I invoke thy aid!
Vouchsafe to hear a wretched maid,
⁠By tender love deprest;
‘Tis just that thou should’st heal the smart,
Inflicted by thy subtle art,
⁠And calm my troubled breast.

No random shot from CUPID’S bow,
But by thy guidance, soft and slow,
⁠It sunk within my heart;
Thus, Love being arm’d with Wisdom’s force,
In vain I try to stop its course,
⁠In vain repel the dart.

O Goddess, break the fatal league,
Let Love, wiih Folly and Intrigue,
⁠More fit associates find!
And thou alone, within my breast,
O! deign to sooth my griefs to rest,
⁠And heal my tortur’d mind.

From: Swift, Jonathan; Sheridan, Thomas; Nichols, John; Boyle, John; Delany, Patrick; Hawkeswoth, John; Swift, Deane; Bowyer, William; Birch, John and Faulkner, George (eds.), The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 1, 1801, Luke Hansard: London, p. 340.

Date: c1715

By: Esther Vanhomrigh (c1688-1723)