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Sunday, 18 October 2020

The Fire’s Still Burning by Justin Anthony Wetch

The country’s gone gay and half of ‘em aint happy
Floods in Texas, drought in Silicon Valley
We didn’t start the fire but it still burns the youth
Confederate flag’s now a symbol of hate groups
Young kids in basements proclaiming they’re savages
Police brutality has become the accepted average
Greece is bankrupt, China has all the money
America’s just one giant entertainment junkie
Indoctrination, not education, never read between the lines
The future’s a dead end and we didn’t see the signs
Russia’s bringing us back to the brink of cold war
ISIS on the rise, what were the middle east wars for?
Apple’s making a watch and the NSA watches your life
130 people bombed in the city of lights
Yeezy for president and Trump’s in the lead
140 characters is the most this generation reads
Children who don’t fit in boxes are put on meds
Our nation’s youth don’t see a good future ahead
Ancestors fought for freedom but these kids aint free
Decades of debt for a piece of paper that says ‘degree’
Bruce Jenner’s now a woman, Rachel Dolezal’s not black
Old white guys screaming ‘Let’s take our country back!’
The church is preaching sermons but the pulpit’s rotted
Persecuting gays buth pedophile priests are closeted
U2 gives out an album and America throws a fit
Pixar’s in the mind but the whole world is out of it
Global warming is cooking us but we don’t care
We didn’t start the fire but it’s our fault it’s still here.

From: Wetch, Justin, Bending the Universe, 2018, Andrews McMeel Publishing: Kansas City, Missouri, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 2016

By: Justin Anthony Wetch (1997- )