Untitled by Simkha-Bunim Shayevitsh

The sun has captured—
sounds from the prison
of cries and songs.

On a pine tree the sun
hangs sentenced –
the wind rocks the gallows
and a head that loved the sun.

My friend the young poet
kissed a wilted flower—
Mother is taking her son to be buried
and cries out the pain in her breast.

A huge cloud
has captured summer.

From: https://poetryinhell.org/death-anger-mourning/simkha-shayevitch-the-sun-captured/

Date: c1942 (original in Yiddish): 2010 (translation in English)

By: Simkha-Bunim Shayevitsh (1907-1944)

Translated by: Sarah Traister Moskovitz (192?- )

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