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Thursday, 1 October 2020

A Poem About Loneliness by Jessica Lanay

This is a poem about loneliness,
it is a self-conscious poem,
a stomping through space poem,
with not an ounce of poetic subtlety.
I am not a poet who is good
at burlesque, at gradually slipping
off veils that billow seductively
at some truth revealed, some secret—
this is not a secret, not a valve,
that palpitates and closes, not a nervy cervix;
I mean to hold up loneliness as one
does a snow globe, a bit of miniature
kitsch, swirling in a silvery patina, a tear
of craft glitter stuck on the white of the eye,
which you will try to rub away, but simply
enough, I am lonely, like a mirror facing a white wall,
or the snow globe with the tiny city inside,
but cracked, leaking baby oil, left to seep,
and what about it—This feeling, weeping
into the niches of everything—
since this is a self-conscious poem,
without any ending punctuation, only
prepositions and commas, it is also selfish,
and puts off deep breath, and there—
just there is the trick, if this poem,
which stomps, with no subtlety,
makes you feel as if you have to gasp,
then my job is done, and hopefully
you have had a second of loneliness too,
the kind where your heart syncopates
to a spinning fan in a dark room,
and now, I feel a little less lonely,
because you’ve met me here, in a spot
I cannot measure.


Date: 2018

By: Jessica Lanay (19??- )