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Friday, 25 September 2020

Waka 1339 by Daini no Sammi

Sent to Middle Counselor [Fujiwara no] Sadayori thrust into a bunch of chrysanthemums after he parted with her

You may be callous
(Yes, that is one side of you),
But to whom else
Would I ever think to show
White chrysanthemums in bloom?

From: Cranston, Edwin A. (ed. and transl.), A Waka Anthology, Volume Two: Grasses of Remembrance, Part B, 1993, Stanford University Press:Palo Alto, California, p. 481.

Date: 11th century (original in Japanese); 1993 (translation in English)

By: Daini no Sammi (c999-10??)

Translated by: Edwin Augustus Cranston (1932- )