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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Books by Nobody by Daniel Towner

Those that draw around us the tranquillity
self-starving anchorites know,
becoming nobody, like God;
that are husks of the wish,
not to die, but to be dead,
“to lie in the dust, and to be full of Christ”—
those are the ones that have swept us away,
against our will but in a cataract
whose power our will reveres.
If they have any stylistic color,
any savoring of their own desperation,
it is the cloud in a clear pool
turned up by a fish already gone
by the time you look.

From: Towner, Daniel, “Books by Nobody” in The Agni Review, No. 21 (1984), p. 40.

Date: 1984

By: Daniel Towner (19??- )