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Friday, 18 September 2020

PraeterItlo by Karen Van Dyck

Sometimes rules
prevent us from saying
what we want to say.
Here is a way to say them
while pretending not to:

I don’t ever think of you
when I’m away.
I don’t hope to see you
on my morning swim.
Not every red car is yours.

Some belong to other people.
When I see two chairs
backed up against each other
I don’t imagine
you behind me.

I don’t wonder
what you’re wearing
or reading
when we’re apart.
I don’t recall the light

in the bathroom at dusk
when you followed me.
I never consider
the way you prop
yourself up

or what we talk about
in bed because
when I’m not with you
you’re completely
out of my mind.


Date: 2019

By: Karen Van Dyck (1961- )