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Saturday, 25 July 2020

“Ever the Same” by Henry Glassford Bell

“Ever the same!” Ah! no, not now the same;
Years imperceptibly evolve a change;
New incidents surround us; the old range
Of thoughts and feelings alters; the old flame
Unconsciously burns out; the earthly frame
Takes new conditions; and without a fault,
Or choice of ours, old pleasures call a halt,
And later cares put in a closer claim:
Still loving, still sincere, still glad to meet
The friend of other years, yet not as then,—
More quietly, finding him like other men,
The smile less winning, and the voice less sweet;
Ah! days departed! who would harshly blame
The kindly tongue that whispers—“Still the same!”

From: Bell, Henry Glassford, Romances and Minor Poems, 1866, MacMillan and Co: London, p. 181.

Date: 1866

By: Henry Glassford Bell (1803-1874)