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Friday, 24 July 2020

Discontentment by David Gray

O if we never knew the genial hour
When Happiness sits by us like a god
Dispensing treasures, we would never know
The barren sadness of the common day,
The weariness, and discontentment sour
At human lifeā€”its ordinary load
Of hopes deferred, and presences that flow
Smilingly past us, syrens in the dream
Of young imagination, fancy-fed.
O I have seen such beauties with the gleam
Of fairy sunshine on them, and I long
Upon their bosoms this my life away
To dally, like the lover in a song,
And be a luting swain, Arcadian bred!

From: Gray, David and Bell, Henry Glassford (ed.), The Poetical Works of David Gray, 1874, MacMillan and Co: London, p. 197.

Date: 1862 (published)

By: David Gray (1838-1961)