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Monday, 13 July 2020

Inside the Good Idea by Matthea Harvey

From the outside it is singular. One wooden horse. Inside ten men sit cross-
legged, knees touching. No noun has been invented yet to describe this. They
whisper that it would be like sitting in a wine barrel if the curved walls were
painted red. The contents are not content. They would like some wine. They
quarrel about who gets to sit in the head until finally the smallest man
clambers in, promising to send messages back to the belly. He can only look
out of one eye at a time. At first there is nothing to report. Black, Dark, The
Occasional Star. Then Quiet Footsteps mixed with Questions. The children
are clamoring for it to be brought inside the walls. The head sends back
another message which gets caught in the throat: They are bringing their toy
horses to pay their respects to us, brushing their tiny manes, oiling the little
wheels. It must be a welcome change from playing war.


Date: 2013

By: Matthea Harvey (1973- )