The Slave’s Address to British Ladies by Susanna(h) Watts

Natives of a land of glory,
Daughters of the good and brave,
Hear the injured Negro’s story,
Hear, and help the kneeling Slave.
Think, how nought but death can sever
Your lov’d children from your hold ;
Still alive—but lost for ever—
Ours are parted, bought and sold!
Seize the ev’ry favouring season—
Scorning censure or applause ;
Justice, Truth, Religion, Reason,
Are your Leaders in the cause!
Follow!—faithful, firm, confiding,—
Spread our wrongs from shore to shore;
Mercy’s God your efforts guiding,
Slavery shall be known no more.

From: Watts, Susannah, “The Slave’s Address to British Ladies” in The Kaleidoscope: or, Literary and scientific mirror, Liverpool, Vol. 9, Iss. 422, 29 July 1828, p. 28.

Date: 1828

By: Susanna(h) Watts (1768-1842)

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