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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Modern Chivalry by Rowland Eyles Egerton-Warburton


Time was, with sword and battle-axe,
All clad in armour bright,
When cleaving skulls asunder
Was the business of a knight.

Now chivalry means surgery,
And spurs are won by him
Who can mend a skull when broken,
Or piece a fractured limb.

Our knights of old couch’d lances,
Drew long swords from the sheath,
Now knighthood couches eye-balls,
And chivalry draws teeth.

See! rescued from confinement,
To charm our ravish’d sight,
Fair ladies are deliver’d
By the arm of a true knight.

Behold! the knight chirurgeon
To deeds of blood advance,
A bandage for a banner!
And a lancet for a lance!

To heroes of the hospital
The “bloody hand” is due,
But ye heralds bend the fingers,
Or the fee may tumble through.

From: Egerton-Warburton, R. E., Poems, Epigrams and Sonnets, 1877, Basil Montagu Pickering: London, pp. 60-61.

Date: 1846

By: Rowland Eyles Egerton-Warburton (1804-1891)