The Love Affair by Kate Hammerich

life slides under the door and
I think about you not knowing how to love
and touching a person’s sleeping eyelids

to change a dream, to lie here with you
under a silent oak tree, the sunlight

has begun to breathe and I am digging you a grave
for your past and your future, I am

holding you here, the trunk of my car open to let the sweet
sound of a song rise into the
air, it is rushing by

too swiftly

and I have premonitions or
I just got lucky or everything
means something

nothing vanishes without a trace

I hold despair in the palm of my hand and cannot dance
without spilling it onto the floor, it
seeps into the carpet

but you are holding out a towel and the sound
of your laughter is like paper birds settling on the branches of
the tree growing from my ribs.


Date: 2012

By: Kate Hammerich (19??- )

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