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Sunday, 9 February 2020

At the Office by Nina Cassian (Renée Annie Katz)

I get tired.
Too many haunted, sleepless nights.
Too many thin, brush-painted smiles.
I saw them at the office:
the same unerasable features.
It was them.
Them again.
Ice. Terror. —
Young and ferocious.
Them again, the bosses.
Me again, the underling.
And then they told me:
“Recite a poem for us.”
Which I did.
They went on ordering my sleep, my sleeplessness,
my smile, my grimace.
In the geometry of their features,
I recognized everything I hate:
the perpendicular of the guillotine,
the bisection, the being cut in two,
the obtuse angle,
and the like triangles of the Lie.

They were just some of them…
But who was I?


Date: 2013

By: Nina Cassian (Renée Annie Katz) (1924-2014)