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Saturday, 28 December 2019

Prologue from “The Lost Lover” by Delarivier Manley

The first Adventurer for her fame I stand,
The Curtain’s drawn now by a Lady’s Hand,
The very Name you’d cry bolas Impotence,
To Fringe and Tea they shou’d confine their. Sence,
And not outstrip the bounds of Providence.
I hope then Criticks, since the Case is so,
You’l scorn to Arm againsti a Worthless Foe,
But curb your Spleen and gall, and trial make,
How our fair Warriour gives her first Attack.
Now all ye chattering Insects straight be dumb,
The Men of Wit and Sense are hither come,
Ask not this Mask to Sup, nor that to show
Some Face more ugly than a Fifty Beau,
Who, if our Play succeeds, will surely say,
Some private Lover helpt her on her way,
As Female Wit were barren like the Moon,
That borrows all her influence from the Sun.
The Sparks and Beaus will surely prove our Friends,
For their good Breeding must make them commend
What Billet Deux so e’re: a Lady sends.
She knew old Thread-bare Topicks would not do,
But Beaus a Species thinks it self still new,
And therefore the resolved to Coppy you.

From: Manley, Mrs., The Lost Lover; or, The Jealous Husband: A Comedy, 1696, R. Bently, F. Saunders, J. Knapton, and R. Wellington: London, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 1696

By: Delarivier Manley (c1670-1724)