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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

After Reading J. T. Gilbert’s “The History of Dublin” by Denis Florence MacCarthy

Long have I loved the beauty of thy streets,
Fair Dublin: long, with unavailing vows,
Sigh’d to all guardian deities who rouse
The spirits of dead nations to new heats
Of life and triumph:–vain the fond conceits,
Nestling like eaves-warmed doves ‘neath patriot brows!
Vain as the “Hope,” that from thy Custom-House
Looks o’er the vacant bay in vain for fleets.
Genius alone brings back the days of yore:
Look! look, what life is in these quaint old shops–
The loneliest lanes are rattling with the roar
of coach and chair; fans, feathers, flambeaus, fops,
Flutter and flicker through yon open door,
Where Handel’s hand moves the great organ stops*.

March 11th, 1856.

*It is stated that the “Messiah” was first publicly performed in Dublin.

From: MacCarthy, Denis Florence, Poems, 1882, M. H. Gill and Son: Dublin, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 1856

From: Denis Florence MacCarthy (1817-1882)