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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Nightmares by Siv Cedering Fox

Some say the nightmare is
a horse
that starts to gallop in a dream
and scares the sleeping one awake.

Some say the nightmare is
a sea
where storms have made the waves so big
that they frighten me.

I do not know
what nightmares are,
I only know
they are.

But though the nightmares come
at times,
they do not come as often as
the pretty horse, as often as
the calmer sea, that bring
all other dreams to me.

From: Fox, Siv Cedering, The Blue Horse and Other Night Poems, 1979, The Seabury Press: New York, p. 24.

Date: 1979

By: Siv Cedering Fox (1939-2007)