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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Under Mr. Hales Picture by Anne King

Though by a Sodaine and unfeard surprise,
thou lately taken wast from thy friends eies:
Even in that instant, when they had design’d
to keipe thee, by thy picture still in minde:
least thou like others lost in deths dark night
shouldst stealing hence vanish quite out of sight;
I did content with greater zeale then Art,
This shadow of my phancie to impart:
which all shood pardon, when they understand
the lines were figur’d by a womans hand,
who had noe copy to be guided by
but Hales imprinted on her memory.
Thus ill cut Brasses serve upon a grave,
Which less resemblance of the persons have.

From: Post, Jonathan F. S. (ed.), English Lyric Poetry: The Early Seventeenth Century, 1999, Routledge: London and New York, p. 251.

Date: c1650

By: Anne King (1621-?1701)