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Monday, 30 September 2019

Rage of the Long-Distance Mother by Karen Elias-Button

My hand moves through centuries of anger,
palm open, ready to strike. This is not
the common indignation of the mothers
with their brooms and switches, dusting
their children from beneath their feet, but
the fury of the seasons, of the second-
hand, and you, little straggler, beyond recall.

But my hand does not connect.
Insulated from this small death
you are soft as rubber, you drink
my blows. Again and again I strike
at nothing. Rage fills the pockets
of my face like unshed tears.

Later, the words I write curve off the page,
settling elsewhere, like particles of dust.
Your hand appears, palm open, between
the lines, hungry as paper. At dinner
you show up with a word on your forehead
reading caution or authentic, either one.


Date: 1978

By: Karen Elias-Button (19??- )