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Monday, 23 September 2019

Wretten By Me On the Death of My Child Robert Payler by Mary Jackson Carey/Peyler

My lord hath called for my sonne
my hart breth’s forth; thy will be done:

my all; that mercy hath made mine
frely’s surendered to be thine:

But if I give my all to the
lett me not pyne for poverty:

Change Wth me; doe, as I have done
give me thy all; Even thy deare sonne:

Tis Jesus Christ; lord I would have;
he’s thine, mine all; ’tis him I crave:

Give him to me; and I’le reply
Enoughe my lord; now lett me dye.


Date: c1650

By: Mary Jackson Carey/Peyler (c1609-c1680)