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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Irreconcilable by Damaris Cudworth Masham

I little thought (my Damon) once, that you
Could prove, and what is more, to me, untrue.
Can I forget such Treachery , and Live?
Mercy it self would not this Crime forgive.
Heaven ‘s Gates refuse to let Apostates in,
No that’s the Great unpardonable Sin.

Did you not vow by all the Powers above,
That you could none but dear Orinda love?
Did you not swear by all that is Divine,
That you would only be and ever mine?
You did, and yet you live securely too,
And think that Heaven’s false as well as you.

Believe me, Love’s a thing much too divine
Thus to be Ape’d , and made a mere design.
‘Tis no less Crime than Treason here to feign,
‘Tis Counterfeiting of a Royal Coin.
But Ah! Hypocrisy ‘s no where so common grown
As in Most Sacred things, Love and Religion

Go seek new Conquests, go, you have my leave,
You shall not Grieve her whom you could decieve.
I don’t lament, but pitty what you do,
Nor take that Love as lost , which ne’r was true .
The way that’s left you to befriend my Fate,
Is now to prove more constant in your Hate.


Date: 1687

By: Damaris Cudworth Masham (1659-1708)