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Monday, 2 September 2019

Butterfly Net by Janette Ayachi

We stand close without touching, leaning
against the wall where the world has stopped
for us. Our smells meet in the air like lovers

from a past life connecting but not sure why,
under the gauze-thin sash of sky offered
to us from the nearest rain-stained window.

I ignore the blue avenues, the aeon sun,
the odd red October leaf that waves
past in a whirlwind of flight and fury,
to focus on her outline spilling over edges
like the frantic pulse of an inapproachable dream.

I web her breath in a butterfly net
as she mussitates the letters to write
her spidery name, holding the pen
by its wings the way a surgeon sketches
on the body marking a place of incision.
With skilled precision she shows me
where the arrow would reach my heart.


Date: 2017

By: Janette Ayachi (1982- )