Prayer and Song Concerning Death and Eternal Life by Anna Trapnel

O That they may say unto Death,
O Death, where is thy sting,
O Grave, where is thy victory?
over them thine shall sing.

When they doe thorow death up mount
unto eternall life,
O then their hearts and speeches too
shal run to thee most rise.

O till they see grim Death before,
and its most gastly looks,
They would not mount up unto thee,
to see thy pleasant lookes.

Till they doe feele his biting teeth,
their tongues will not sing to thee,
O therefore let them it behold,
Pale-faced death let them see.

They wil then pray to thy rich grace,
thereto they then wil fly,
They wil to the most high then mount,
and that with open eye.

They shal look on the Sun so bright,
and on its beames of grace,
Which doth appeare, and cometh forth,
and on them casts its rayes.

From: Freeman, Curtis W., A Company of Woman Preachers. Baptist Prophetesses in Seventeenth-Century England: A Reader, 2011, Baylor University Press: Waco, Texas, p. 421.

Date: 1654

By: Anna Trapnel (fl. 1642-1660)

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