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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Laughing Down Lonely Canyons by James Joseph Kavanaugh

Fear corrodes my dreams tonight,
and mist has grayed the hills,
mountains seem too tall to climb,
December winds are chill.
There’s no comfort on the earth,
I am a child abandoned,
Till I feel your hand in mine
and laugh down lonely canyons.

Snow has bent the trees in grief,
my summer dreams are dead,
Flowers are but ghostly stalks,
the clouds drift dull as lead.
There is no solace in the sky,
I am a child abandoned.
Till we chase the dancing moon
and laugh down lonely canyons.

Birds have all gone south too soon,
and frogs refuse to sing,
Deer lie hidden in the woods,
the trout asleep till spring.
There is no wisdom in the wind —
I am a child abandoned
Till we race across the fields
and laugh down lonely canyons.

Darkness comes too soon tonight,
the trees are silent scars,
rivers rage against the rocks,
and snow conceals the stars.
There’s no music in the air
I am a child abandoned
Till I feel my hand in yours
and laugh down lonely canyons.

From: Kavanaugh, James J., Laughing Down Lonely Canyons, 1984, Steven J. Nash Publishing: Battle Creek, Michigan, p. 1.

Date: 1984

By: James Joseph Kavanaugh (1928-2009)