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Sunday, 2 June 2019

The Dying Girl’s Song by Theodore Martin

Toll no sullen bell for me,
None, when I am dying,
But the zephyr’s sighing,
And the woodbirds’ melody,
When the day is dying.

Rear no solemn marble, where
Low my head reposes,
Let earth’s sweet flowers blossom there.
Lilies pure and roses,
And beside it children fair
Sport and gather posies.

I have loved, and life was dear
All its pulses thorough,
He is dead, and life is drear,
Why, then, should ye sorrow?
Strew no cypress on my bier,
We shall meet to-morrow.

From: Martin, Theodore, Poems; Original and Translated, 1863: Printed for Private Circulation: London, p. 347.

Date: 1863

By: Theodore Martin (1816-1909)